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MCS’ Steve Thomas urges perspective in lawyers’ use of social media

After a recent Wall Street Journal article suggested that Corporate America might be well-served by taking pointers from the ways celebrities use social media, McGuire, Craddock & Strother’s Steve Thomas devoted his latest Texas Lawyer commentary to examining how lawyers have embraced social media content creation.

social mediaThe view expressed in the WSJ piece that corporate leaders should take a page from celebrities’ social media playbooks highlights a disconnect with what Thomas calls “the real-world sensitivities and experiences of practicing lawyers and business professionals who work hard to build trust. That’s a different job than entertaining… Lawyers are seen as the gatekeepers of right and wrong. Courts say the relationship requires ‘utmost good faith’ from the attorney.”

While most lawyers and law firms have been late to embrace social media, that hesitation can be explained by the sensitivities inherent in the attorney-client relationship. “Caution results in boring material,” Thomas concludes, “But when trust is on the line, bland but targeted, useful information is the way to go.

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