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Raising the Curtain on Our New Website

Since you’re reading this inaugural Firm News article, you’ve no doubt visited McGuire, Craddock & Strother’s redesigned website. As a team that takes special pride in the forward-thinking, collaborative, and client-focused qualities of our lawyers, we viewed our website redesign project as an opportunity to say something about how this firm differentiates itself from the field.

We made sure the layout and design remained straight-forward and intuitive because that’s what we aspire to in our real world interactions. We understand that today’s information consumer prefers quick and easy access to useful information over distracting bells and whistles, and we felt strongly that these pages should reflect our belief that conveying useful information is our number one goal.

We also know from experience that a modern website should reflect how our information-consumption habits have changed as technology has rapidly evolved.  Fully half of this country’s adults have a tablet or a smartphone,* so we made sure that the information about this firm and our proud history looks as good and navigates just as well on a small screen as it does on a dual screen desktop monitor.

Now that you’ve found these pages, please take a look and learn a little more about our firm.

*Source: Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism in collaboration with The Economist Group, cited under section 4 of 12 Trends Shaping Digital News,, viewed January 22, 2014.