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MCS’ Steven Thomas Talks with Texas Lawyer Newspaper About Legal Challenges Surrounding Flying Cars

Lilium-Flying-CarNeed to get from Dallas to Fort Worth in a flash? In the not-too-distant future, that might be accomplished aboard an Uber flying car. In April, the popular ride-hailing company unveiled an ambitious plan to create a fleet of on-demand flying cars.

Mere talk of Jetsons-like travel is causing lawyers to take notice, according to a recent Texas Lawyer report, which quoted MCS shareholder Steven Thomas. From regulatory questions to aviation issues, law firms are recognizing potential practice areas surrounding VTOLs, the acronym for vertical takeoff and landing aircraft.

“The future is going to look very different,” Thomas told the legal publication. “We are going to have some significant changes take place in things that we considered to be very basic for a long time. From a legal point of view, virtually every aspect of the law that touches transportation is going to have difficulties and surprises.”

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