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Marc Taubenfeld Moderates Bankruptcy Panel at NDTX Bench Bar Conference

On Friday, February 25, 2022, attorney Marc W. Taubenfeld served as moderator for the Bankruptcy Breakout Panel at the Northern District of Texas Bench Bar Conference in Las Colinas, Texas.

The panel included sitting bankruptcy judges for the Dallas, Ft. Worth, and Lubbock Divisions of the Northern District of Texas, Dallas, including Judge Robert L. Jones, Judge E. Lee Morris, and Judge Michelle V. Larson. The panel began with a brief “state of the union,” which included a presentation of statistics regarding filings in each Chapter category for the calendar year 2021, versus 2020, and 2019, as well as comparisons between filings in the Northern District of Texas and the three other districts in Texas, along with the District of Delaware and Southern District of New York. From there, the panelists discussed the state of the law on third-party releases in Plans, a review of venue legislation and issues, and a summary of the ongoing work updating the District’s complex case rules. The panel ended with a Q&A with the attendees, with all panelists, including Mr. Taubenfeld, participating.

 The Northern District of Texas Bench Bar Conference is an annual gathering of attorneys and other legal professionals from across the country that provides an opportunity to learn about and discuss the latest and most pressing legal issues affecting the District. To learn more about the conference and the panels it offered, visit the website.